5th September 2022

Do not allow the ‘what if’ perspective to rule you being. Not your dreams, that would be allowable, rather the realty that continues to develop for better or worse, with your acceptance or regret, without particular references to wishes or dreams. The universe rumbles onward like a runaway train, in a direction guided only by the extremely twisted rails of fate, a construction laid far beyond any mortals control.   

A wise individual might relax in their seat and enjoy the ride, staring with some passing interest through an adjacent window as the countryside passes by ambivalently and unstoppably. The less comfortable with the arbitrary nature of providence will gnaw frantically fingernails as the carriage continues to trundle unerringly towards wherever destiny has deemed fit for the final halt on the line to be.

When younger I was an aberrant struggler, fighting bindings, shackles, instructions, directions, all without reason or particular purpose. The brawling was utterly pointless, I have arrived here and now nevertheless.

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