2nd September 2022

I adore the word graphic, a descriptive that in meaning, and vastly more importantly in sound exactly captures the essence of its full unexpurgated glory. My tastes in both the literary and visual arts enjoy the most shocking images, finding any compromise for the   purposes of censorship both an afront to my freedom of adulterated choice and a most questionable detraction upon my ability to peruse and consider all perspectives fully at my leisure.

Exaggeration is part and parcel of good illustration, emphasizing the notable, passing over baleful mundanity. Extreme diagrammatic accenting at is finest, highlighting events is starkest monochrome, particularly any deep-seated roots and causes, following thru the course of happenstances from genesis to fruition and long-term effect.

The myths and legends of our ancestors were but the inception and swaddling of the graphic novel. Wrapped carefully in mystery, religious significance, and base good sense, to make the sometimes-difficult tales titillating to appetite and easily digestible.

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