1st September 2022

I admit I am vain, take an inordinate amount of time imagining, preparing, and adopting whatever costume I decide to parade on any particular day. The effort I consider quire worthwhile, as I ever do present myself in a manner I consider appropriate, respectful, and prepared for any occasion envisioned likely to occur. Dandification is a most suited purpose for a fellow of some means and dignity, to be diffident to one’s own appearance do appear terribly rum and wholly lackadaisical.

The purpose of fashionable embellishment is multi-faceted, pleasing to self and any observers, illustrating mood and aspirations, setting emotion and tone, illuminating expectations.  Mine own reasonings are rather more simplistic. Namely shock and awe, a thoroughly pleasant shock upon the eyes, and a somewhat awesome elevation to the heart and soul.  

The proof is as ever in the pudding. For every questioning sideways glance, I am more than fully compensated with many forthcoming ebulliently admiring words.

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