25th August 2022

I have acquired the ability to deal with matters pressing quite realistically, to appear unphased by the unexpected, sometimes unpleasant, often galling, circumstances beyond personal control once set in motion. This is not an easy or pleasant life lesson, rather is a realization of the inevitability of consequences, the certainty of effects, the unerring result of happenstances.

We all are inclined usually the blithely cast aside to existence of fate, luck, that actions and even thoughts once intimated cannot be simple reversed, expunged, obliterated from the annals or possibilities of time. Every link in the progressive chain of reality is solidly affixed between past and future, providing a present undeniable, unavoidable, incontrovertible.

The acceptance of serendipity in no way hamstrings the actor, but simply recognizes inevitability, the impossibility and meaninglessness of avoidance, the actuality of reality; that experience is real, not simply some vague concept to be manipulated at will.

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