24th August 2022

All persons have a perfect right to be exactly whom they wish to be, in very sense, to be recognized as an individual whose characterization stems from their own personal individual inner feelings, impulses and truths. Such appraisals is theoretic, philosophic, a construction of the emotions, experiences, and perceived reality of the subject. Actuality is an entirely different circumstance, stemming from scientific factors, testable parameters, impossible to camouflage genetically amend. Sexual orientation is in general such a finite classification, whereas preference is decidedly adaptable, changeable, directable.

Humanity is a slave to creation, not its master, responds and adapts to influences, but thankfully has no capacity to construct naturally from scratch. Any ability to do so would require confronting matters moral and ethical far beyond our mortal pay grade.

Equality revolves about the acceptance of differentials, unreservedly, acknowledging the validity of all variances, and ensuring true inclusivity.

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