22nd August 2022

I am extraordinary grateful not having to conform, being an oddity, a special case, someone outside normalcy, a focus of attentions welcome or irritating. I am disabled, physically and mentally, both my motor skills and nervous system are irreparably damaged, a cause of alarm and amusement for many of my fellow human beings. I bear some malice, naturally, suffering the same trait of self-absorption as the rest of my species, indeed am wholly inclined to exaggerate my specialness at every any opportunity. I decidedly am no shrinking violet, quite the alternative, extremely loud in my proscribed silence.

Just yesterday I sat for a pleasant moment or two enjoying the ambience a front of one of my favorite coffee houses. Dressed quite splendidly of course, Saturday does always deserve a little extra care in the fashion department, without a one real care in the world, beyond the pesky tadoo of drawing that very next breath. Dare say was basking, displaying, evincing. For that is my wont, convention, chosen   purpose, attestation.  

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