21st August 2022

I was recently having a rather abstract conversation with my medical practitioner about the comparative benefits of enforced silence, and believe me my hypotheticals are presently staggeringly vague, when the subject of Vipassana Meditation drifted languidly into a pose reeking of promissory enlightenment. I was unaware of the particular exercise, but of course had some concept of the methodology of the Buddha, whom used the focus of silence and stillness as a conduit to increased enlightenment.

In my youth I made some halfhearted attempts to delve into Eastern beliefs and culture, assuming like so many that such unfamiliar concepts and mysteries would magically open my mind to new and as yet unconsidered truths. Naturally, like Inspecter Clouseau.   my rigid European mindset simply made such attempted transmutation parody rather than reality.

It do occur to me that many Western traditions are filled with equally ideal inspirational examples, far more comfortably incorporated and coalesced.

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