20th August 2022

It has been my great pleasure to read and digest any narrative proscribed by authorities as unsuitable for my delectation.  To beaver like continue this life mission has been a joy, a necessity, fixation, compulsion, a purpose above simple interest, inquisitiveness, curiosity, the overwhelming affliction of the human species.  

My interest has supplied days, weeks, year of intense study, largely tedious, repetitive, boring, pointing more towards the unfortunate prejudices of the social, political, and intellectual elites, than any hidden literary gems within the censored works. Would seem the parental drive to protect the imagined innocents is more about enforcing overriding control than any true definable danger to impressionable souls.

The human species has an endless capacity and appetite to absorb smut, distasteful images, and ideas, is ravenousness for savor the most forbid of delicacies available. Any censorship simply creates a market, a pathological hunger for the unobtainable.

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