19th August 2022

Summer fashions are by nature fleeting, in coverage, protection, weather proofing, and modesty. I enjoy the viewing and general ambience profusely, marveling how in this day and age every exposed inch of skin is covered in tattoos, simplistic and most complex, enough to make a matelot blush with feigned envy.

I do attempt to be somewhat understanding to all physical oddities and absurdities, for the abnormal and unusual have the same right to coolness as the most beautiful, probably a little more just to even out the always overzealous scales of natural justice, assuming such a magnanimous rule can exist beneath the gods merciless sphere of molten cheese.

Personally, I favor a more toffish style of fashion, enjoying the linens and cottons favored for centuries to sew into male summer items of apparel, light in color and light of weight, the perfect combination to wear beneath a splendidly ramshackle straw fedora. Soft tennis shoes tend to be de rigueur for serious any summer jaunt.

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