16th August 2022

I am skilled in the ability to recognize those unfortunate souls whom have been institutionalized, a vast number of adults in these United States of America. The volume of those prosecuted, convicted, and condemned to imprisonment is a number outrageously high as a percentile of the population. The reasons for this oddity in the western world are numerous, not simply a natural tendency towards lawlessness, but including harshness of prosecution and sentencing, and an odd inherent drive to imprison whole swathes of the population.  

The symptoms of those shaped by incarceration include unfettered loquacity at appropriate moments, an inability to judge the effects forced upon others by selfish and inconsiderate actions, a general unworldliness, to the point of being singularly orientated, unnatural or fetishistic preoccupation, obsessive behavior, indolence when not strictly supervised.   

A whole panoply of negative and destructive patterns, whether manifested individually or conjointly.

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