13th August 2022

Was a time, within living memory, that US institutions, particularly those of the financial variety, were considered prime examples of the very worst public usury seen in the civilized world, to such a degree that when global rules were imposed to facilitate international practices any reference to such arbitrary business methods were considered wholly inappropriate and unacceptable. US commercial facilities took heed, and corrected their anomalies, falling in line with the rest of the world to such a degree that by the nineteen eighties all governances controlling institutions were plainly fair and were financially sound.  

The conservative political machinations of the late eighties and nineties quashed any such equalization, driving an ever-increasing wedge between the world and American economic structures, expanding continually to this very day, allowing Ponzi schemes, interest manipulation, antisocial   regulation, unsupervised, unethical, and immoral monetary practices, charges, and loans. The full gambit of unfair enrichment.

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