10th August 2022

Recovery can be depressingly slow, tedious, seeming to spend much time standing still, even retreating, as opposed to any noticeable   forward progress. Nurses. attendees, medical practitioners in general, are inclined to ever espouse positivity, that is after all a large degree of their base function, discounting the more obvious practicalities of physical treatment.  Unsurprisingly the patient tends to take such geeing from the imaginary realm from whence it originates, doolally land.

Excessive positivity is uncomfortably draining, tending towards counterproductivity, a chapter too far into the saga of improbability, the ongoing tale of unlikelihood. While smiling inanely, like the institutionalized Joker, I am really inclined to really discount such sugar frosting as nil but flamboyance, an over adornment, one pipping too far.

Like many an outpatient, I am inclined towards piqué, boredom, frustration, a general exasperation with the dragging of time, the unacceptable visage of tedium. Recovery limps most irritatingly.

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