8th August 2022

People whom by nature are private and tend towards being incommunicado are inclined to demonstrate acidity in their everyday communications. Language is a skill requiring practice, specifically face to face interactions, in order to judge both effectiveness and emotional repercussions.

Momentarily I am an extremely weak example of efficacy, depending as I am on the vague motor skills of gesture and expression. I toyed with th idea of learning American sign language but decided that the efforts required would be all too soon unnecessary, and laziness is as ever my foremost raison d’etre.   Rather I am obliged to rely on others ability to translate my feeble conjuring into a meaningful word and phrase, a most difficult goal I heartfully agree.

 So we are affixed upon perception, discernment, the ability to abstractly diagnose and formulate gesticulations into living, enlightening, information. Nowadays, more often than not, I simply shrug and accept near enough as good enough, a most bearable compromise.

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