7th August 2022

However unlikely the probability might seem I do occasionally, within my most social moments, miss the colosseum type oppression of an overcrowded hour or two within the sunbaked confines a tourist laden Eastsound. This bravery wholly exceeds my better judgment, as I know quite well that within minutes all my being would be screaming for any capacity to relieve so sordid a conflagration.

More appropriate considerations keep me safely enthroned within my realm, a safe distance from milling throngs and cavorting crowds, whom in constancy threaten my sanctity and sobriety. A man alone can both rise above and pass below the unfortunate norms of behviour ensconced within the governance of a pressing rabble, both for individual safety and mass good order.

It was ever my habit to venture forth on certain celebratory occasions, Easter, the 4th of July, Halloween, but Covid matters effectively queered that pitch. New tradition need installation, forthwith, in some haste, afore time evaporates in front of mine eyes.

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