4th August 2022

Like many another victim of the 21st Century I am obliged to handle many of my financial and commercial affairs though the auspices of the world wide web, that rather illusory entity that hovers over us all like an all embracing conform blanket. That I choose to live on an impossibly small speck on the very periphery of civilization is of no great help assistance in the circumstance.

I am forced to accept the limitations of such heavenly isolation, being at the whim and obtuse ways the administrative and carrier breeds, whose methodologies follow a path unknown to any outside of their own close-knit numbers. Security should be a prime concern, but I shrug in the face to that resilient nuisance, for unless a person is absurdly wealthy of impossibly enept any threat of electronic originated interference should be pike staff plain and avoidable. Fear of impending doom is quite as terribly disarming as any weapons unexpected beat or parry.

If being blasé is a crime then I plead the fifth amendment, as is my most convenient right.

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