3rd August 2022

A ‘customer service presentative’, one of the most unfortunate and badly designated titles bandied about any workplace. Would seem to suggest an earnest desire to elevate the customers’ needs and aspirations to wholly unique level of import, overriding any base commercial considerations. Quite obviously to any fool this is absolute tosh, for such a premise would raise the client to a level most decidedly superseding the mere provider of the proscribed service.

What we have in reality is a practiced negotiator, whose function is to adapt the customers desires to match a model within the suppliers multilayered set of possibilities, making the square peg of want fit neatly the round hole of readily available, often sweetened by some form credit, slight dispensation, a special ‘one off’ arrangement, a seeming compromise, but in actuality a cleverly identified and adapted shoe in.

Commercial interests can be trusted to be ever predatory, unfailingly profiteering, motivated by protectionism and profit, no matter their high words and abject promises.

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