29th July 2022

The universe, or more precisely the individuals therein enclosed, continue, by and large, to show an absolute lack of gratitude for the multitude of benefits they are consistently afforded. Most regrettably people bemoan, bewail, mourn the over the consequential, utter discomfort, express displeasure at the slightest adversity, rather than wonder and   underserved gratitude for the continued blessings of daily breath and bread.

Dissatisfaction is a particularly human trait, onerous, largely unmerited, a negative with sufficient bile to mar the most superlative cornucopias. Mankind is a most unnecessary addition to the landscape, having no grand purpose whatsoever, not even the slightest of points, beyond dare I suggest overwhelming cause to show thankfulness front the simple blessing of inclusion.

A less devout soul might suggest the need to praise is the primal font of worship, that most stupendous force driving our species continue to evolve, to attempt and achieve numerous meritorious feats.

Driven to excel the human strives endlessly to perfect most every facet of our existence, from the most base to those of the highest echelon. This constant reaching invites impatience, restiveness, a deep current of frustration unsettling any lasting hope long-term contentment.

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