23rd July 2022

My second serious escape into the great unknown today if a saunter in the grocer market and a short sit at Roots coffee house can be considered as serious contenders for that nomenclature. Apparently affirmatively as a long-time lost acquaintance also appeared to partake in caffeine with a similar tale of several years enforced hibernation.

The casual passersby still adopt a mix of either being masked or bare faced, presumably depending on their state of health or confidence in the wellbeing of the public at large. I still carry a suitable face covering in my pocket just because I can and being safe had become second nature for us all after three years of fear driven training.

Thankfully the animosity that some felt about the use of masks seems to have largely dissipate, hopefully indicating an acceptance by vociferous nay-sayers that sensible precautionary measures do not indicate an unwarranted breakdown of the rules protecting free speech and the ability to practice independent thought and action.

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