22nd July 2022

What single happenstance was capable of changing a generations attitude, belief, outlook, and political aspirations? No more or less ann than the constant four years of devilish slaughter that was the Great War, proving once and for all that every human being is capable of existing quite miserably, then dying together en masse so easily, no matter their social standing or perceived significance.

For the vey first time the brutality of all out warfare was available to view by a preciously innocent general public, whom had seen glory as somehow detached from maiming injury and deadly repercussions. The vision of line upon line of volunteers being swept away by a seemingly endless hail of lead and explosions was suddenly available for every soul to witness in the flickering images instantly projected upon the local cinema screen. Was so no longer just a private matter between commanders and commanded, but was a subject of national understanding and observation, social debate and deepest, darkest grief.

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