21st July 2022

As good a moment as any to discuss the convenience of loss, that inexplicable ability to misplace memories and documents relating the a less than comfortable portion of history. The rewriting of events is as old as is the existence of winners and losers, those whom prevail wanting to shape the truth to support their particular narrative, those ending on the wrong side of the finishing line aiming to conceal their less celebrious actions from posterity.

Perhaps the most heinous offenders are those who though their exalted positions are exempt from the pressures of momentary change, whom rather serve all administrations with equality, supposedly being unbiased, neutral. Such persons effectively inscribe the records, are the arbitrators of fair and even government, the steadfast roots at the very base of the luxuriant foliage of civilization.

The civil service is not necessarily abstract, like the Bene Gesserit they have a singularly personal motivation, if only the unending continuation of their influence and power.

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