16th July 2022

I was born at the very beginning of the nineteen fifties, which to me doesn’t seem that long ago, my memories are quite clear, unphased by fancy or illusion. The start of my life by some strange coincidence gelled with the ending of many conditions, circumstances, that quickly faded like myths into history, to be recollected but as transitions to this brave new world. The turn of millennium had as profound an affect on all and everything, but those previous fifty years saw the emergence of technology, a far greater leap forward than either the Renaissance or the industrial revolution.  

My generation, who managed somehow to partially bridge that chasm, are still awash in the floodwaters that poured forth quite uncontrollably, paddling for we are worth to keep afloat in this strange alien environment. Nothing from the past prepared to that that present, this future, no education, no insight, no preconception.

My parents struggled with the dial telephone, marveled still at radio, were confounded by television, and quite gladly accepted the limitations of their understanding, for even the motor car is a wonderful beast when you can still recall a horse and cart delivering along the roadway.

We have raced to a moment in time with no limitations, all is possible, naught inconceivable, science fiction is just a headline on a daily press release. The future is infinite, limitless, not one boundary beyond those humanity themselves try to set. Mankind is suddenly lost and afraid, for the future is absurdly fathomless.

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