8th July 2022

A quick trip to town today to fill prescriptions at the pharmacy, taking the opportunity to post a letter and use a cash point machine.

The day was a little cloudy but warm, so I decided to meet my motorized compadre aways along the road. I was feeling quite chipper, so a gentle stroll seemed a good notion, and whilst taxing proved most agreeable. I christened my new Doc Martins Airwave sandals, which proved most comfortable and airy.

Town is July busy, with hordes of happy visitors enjoying the joys of Orcas as a vacation destination. Vehicle parking is always a slight problem at peak times in Eastsound. Our thoroughfares are not really laid out for large volumes of automobiles, and with the road closures necessary to facilitate the improvements taking place parking is presently at a decided premium.

All in all a fun and most enjoyable excursion, all tasks successfully completed with no fuss or great tadoo.

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