7th July 2022

There are certain subjects of conversation that a gentleman’s lips should never be allowed to shape, topics that he neither has delicacy or experience to give the matters the strident consideration they so plainly deserve. I appreciate this is a position most unfashionable, people, men in particular, are inclined these terribly progressive days to meddle, butt in, encroach, pronounce, opinionate too often and decidedly too loudly, expecting to be harkened like some form of ancient oracle.

My father, with whom I had a most combative relationship in many ways, was considerate enough to instill in me the capacity to be quiet, to listen, to give respect and seniority to those whom had the experience and knowledge to propound with clarity and objectivity. He was the most evenhanded individual I ever knew, aggravatingly unbiassed, without a trace of prejudice, always ready to listen, even to a numbskull like me.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but only the silent kind. Leave postulation to those with a horse in the race.   

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