22nd June 2022

People are generally really nice, understanding, thoughtful, give utmost consideration when they see that fortune has rather picked upon a soul than giving the benefit all good persons deserve. How exactly they come this conclusions is a mystery, whom they conclude radiates niceness, or equally defuses evil. No matter, a judgment is made on very illusory evidence, and the world compounds that resolution with all manner of benefits and kindnesses.

I tender no complaint on the process for in general any rulings had favored me well, blessed me with warmth and affection, wholly underserved if the truth of my inner complexities were ever comprehended. Nicety is very much a practiced tool, learned by a full and comprehensive social education, that teaches apparent pleasantry oils hinges, opens doors, eases tensions, overcomes difficulties, wins allies, disarms opponents, is a formulation that converts all manner of obstacles to weighty assistances.

Read not too much into joviality. For a smile can so easily conceal a frown, simply by inverting the corners of the mouth.

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