19th June 2022

The purposeful indoctrination of amassed crowds seems such a ‘1984’ tactic to employ upon a society fully familiar with the trickery that theatrical manipulation commonly plays in the productions of shows repeated ad infinitum on television and in movies. Words and happenstances are not to be trusted under any circumstances when illustrated or quoted by a constantly practicing conductor of such illusions. The possibility that any an educated group, rabid mob or otherwise, would be so inanely gullible is bordering on the absurd.  

Unfortunately, such illusory demagoguery still happens and has effect, for ignorance and dupability know no bounds even amongst quite articulate persons, the clever are quite as easily hoodwinked by tommyrot as the foolish and touched.

I offer no cunning solution, for none do seem to exist, beyond the utter banishment of all envy, elitism, superiority, distrust, and intolerance, All regrettable natural attributes of the human species.

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