16th June 2022

I am a work in process, a monument the continuing efforts of those with the seeming endless ongoing patience and kindly consideration to take time and effort    to glue my fractured condition back into some relative semblance of normalcy.  The lately acquired cracks are relatively easy to shroud, made invisible by the astute use cunning distractions, perhaps a handpicked wardrobe to accentuate any physically flattering weight loss, or colorful kerchiefs and masks distracting observers eyes from any unsightly and cerebrovascular symptomatic drooling and related oral incapacity.   

For many a year I have adopted the use of a cane or other walking aide, this propensity allows me free everyday observance without either need of explanation or obvious requirement. Parading with a sick requires a degree of panache not readily acquired ‘cept through repetition, upon all manner terrain and in variable social circumstances.  

Do understand that ‘poorly’ is not an easy part to perform innately, without attracting some accompanying audience condescension.

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