13th June 2022

The mind-numbing foolishness shown by many people is almost a stark relief, for that amount of cruelty in their positions would otherwise indicate is a degree of acknowledgeable evil far beyond any capacity acceptable in a twenty first century member of the human race. Ignorance and naivety are however painfully understandable in a society constantly gifted with praise and absolution for the acceptance and continuance of a layer of intolerance and bigotry on a national level, implemented an almost religious   pride. Not enough to simply ignore the worst excesses of consumerism and social divisiveness in the furtherance of imagined liberty, the code word for the accrual of needless property and kudos as a means of self-advancement and empowerment.

Those not following the trend, appearing to hold themselves above the mire so as not to risk contamination, in reality  accept   others   egregious behavior, a posture exactly mirroring those of the priest and the Levite in the parable of the good Samaritan.

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