3rd June 2022

I have always enjoyed being a mystery, a conundrum, to be studied and dissected at any onlookers leisure. This characterization suits me perfectly, not being a person who welcomes openness, closeness, inquisitiveness, public transparency. I am to that degree quintessentially British, with all the numerous faults and hang-ups that heritage ensures.

This preference for privacy do particularly relate at all things physical, matters most almost impossible under present circumstances when everyone and their family, close and distant, want intimate knowledge of my every feeling, good, bad or indifferent. I cope by prevaricating when I can and using my new and sometimes handy new silence to my advantage. I would never outright lie, or bear false witness, but some protection of my dignity is still allowed I would hope.

My advice to is always share as much as you can whilst protecting your soul. For once that is exposed the peasants know as much as the Almighty.

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