1st June 2022

People who ask questions for a living should make considerable efforts to listen to the answers offered in response. Not just pay attention, watch, emote, react empathetically and caringly, but actually understand, absorb, digest the meanings and emotions   often painfully expressed.

This ability to take heed follows along from open mindedness, acceptance, attentiveness, a willingness to dispose of preconceptions and believe quite unreservedly.

Such skills would seem vital for any gatherers of information, ensuring neutrality of reporting, uninfluenced transcription, accurate recording. Undoubtedly these qualities are diluted though constant over exertion, fatigue, repetitious and tedious prevarication, leading the listener to half close their ears and more importantly their minds though any encounter. Looking interested is not sufficient but seeming enraptured lacking in engagement. Humans have a sixth sense for such subterfuge and will reject and condemn any conceived trickery, however well concealed.

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