24th May 2022

Conversely to popular opinion I do not find the swell of real religious fervor particular strong in these United States. Much preaching, posturing, the taking of questionable social positions, unwarranted braggadocious behviour, but genuine unconditional faith not so much.

Worshiping in public, vocalization, theatricality in form, much hallelujahing, affirming statements, grand gestures, these all categorize the American fundamental mindset,   but actual  fervent mind affirming worship, an unfortunate shortfall.

In my estimation faith should be internalized, shinning outward like a beacon to welcome all, unconditionally. Creed should be scant, occasional, noninvasive, directional rather than authoritarian in style.  

Perhaps this indicates my views are rather dated, much like my religion, and that if fine with me. I have no problem with tradition just with pretense, falsehoods stemming from the mouths of men, never ever from words and actions of the Originator.

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