23rd May 2022

The more I interact with doctors the more I am convinced that much of what they do is but educated guesswork, as much to psychologically lift the patient as to diagnose, treat, prescribe. Alleviating the troubled mind in the hopes curing the body.

Many ‘doctors’ are mere administers, pushing paper as best they can, processing endless questionnaires, lists, graphs, charts, to try to capture the patient in some kind of loose sketch, approximate but lacking substance, reality.  The process becomes a blur of nonsense and smoke and mirrors.

My beloved nurses however are a different breed, comforting, consoling the victim with endless patience, care, empathy, humanity. I trust the nurse implicitly to have my welfare at heart, to share my fears and pain, be a dear friend.

Naturally I have admiration and gratitude for both, and yet I only really trust the nurse, for doctors have a cold calculating streak in their soul, a fallback to self-protection. A nurse has wept with me, for me, Doctors not so much.

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