17th May 2022

Three exciting developments today, I discover the new Dr. Who will be played by a man of color. One of the older Doctors and a Companion will return, and Stephen Moffatt’s adaption of ‘The Time Travelers Wife’ has appeared on HBO and is exciting as imagined.BHBO.

So much to look forward too, exciting times. No doubt I will be fascinated, confused, pleased, irritated, all-in equal measure, the effects good drama should always produce.

I watched the first episode of Dr. Who broadcast ever, from the safety of behind a of a sofa. I still cherish each event.

4 thoughts on “17th May 2022

  1. I am curious whether you like the focus on sarcasm and humor in the HBO Max version. I never saw the original movie so I wonder how the show compares. And, one thing I know is that I wish they would have let the two leads keep their English accents and look more like their real selves.


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