12th May 2022

Repeated motions, all unimportant movements in the grand scale of things, yet still enough to make me feel a little positive worth. Victories are so thin this side of the divide that just one win is extra sweet.

The wall between ye and me is thin, fragile, like fine English porcelain, yet perturbing hard to break no matter the wills of either party. Best I keep myself separate now awhile anyways, for I am navigating troublesome waters, full of devilfish looking to feast. I am an accomplished voyager, capable of cunning and no end of craft to avoid the jaws of mine adversaries, given half a chance and a helpful southwester.  But best I sail alone, for fear of hurting those most dear to me who are loyal beyond a fault, more faithful than ever I deserve.

Practicing relaxing, breathing steadily, sitting quiet and undisturbed. A pleasant enough distraction to keep me focused on tomorrow, which should be better than today, and definably much I improved on the day before, when the Kraken saw fit to show her frightful shape.

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