11th May 2022

I find myself fighting against invisible forces, unrecognized enemies. foes who never entered my vision before. They are natural and internal, beasts that abide within, lucking, waiting patiently for an opportunity to out and cause all manner of ills.

All challengers I meet equally, in the same old way, head on, eyes fiery, expression fixed, willing to give a little beggarly, but not too much, for pride must always be permitted his opportunity to momentary reign. Eventual defeat is assured, for all must meet oblivion in the end, ‘tis the quality of that meeting that reflects well or badly.

I try not to lose hope, for to do so seems a terrible waste of all the effort I have spent over the years playing against the odds, somewhat successfully. To go down fighting for breath as ironic, considering that was is how I begun this belated part of my journey.

Seems a lifetime ago, being replumed by a very clever man, being gifted a lease anew, more than my behaviors end worth derived. Praise be for extra innings.

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