10th May 2022

My voice on most moral issues is controlled by my sensibilities, putting brakes on those unnecessarily judgmental, inflammatory, highly pointed personal opinions that have no place in a balanced, well mannered, empathetic debate. We all hold such inner turmoil’s in our heart and soul, for those are the places best suited to protect such inflammatory views from exposure to what must be a wholly ethical, philosophic, process.

I am ever most careful to separate morality and ethical considerations, the two have little in common, are generally drawn for very differing perspectives, and are often opposing in reference, and conclusion.

Ethics are inborn, natural, knowing right from wrong. We all have ethics, whether we choose to consult them, or no. Morals are leaned, acquired via education, Indoctrination, exterior pressures.

Understanding the difference is fundamental to any question posed in an enlightened modern committed society.

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