9th May 2022

Unfortunately, I have no crystal ball to advise me the outcome of oncoming debates and votes, the darkness that infects you, my beloved brothers, and sisters, has spread most alarmingly to mine portal also, leaving us all equally blind. No matter, surprise has two options, positive or negative, those results is gallingly abstract, sometimes pleasing, occasionally disappointing. The wonderous thing about questions of ethics is that there no correct answers, just timely ones, and what is right for today is probably wholly wrong for tomorrow.

My own beliefs have always intimated that the best course of action is to leave nothing to chance, to see an idea, process, plan, through from beginning to end of as soon as is practical. Leaving matters unresolved in the hands of an elected judiciary, however reasonable and empathetic, is risking fundamental decisions upon possible changes heart, shifting societal circumstances, and unfortunate political fickleness of people who possess power and unnatural influence.

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