8th May 2022

“The trouble with all this battling over rights, is that there is no time left for poetry”. So spoke Cardinal Angelo Voiello to the cloistered Sisters of the Monastery of Sainte Therese just prior to his enforced resignation as Carmerlengo and Cardinal Secretary of State.

Fictional characters quite often utter the truths life does not allow to be spake  by us mere creatures of reality. Indeed, in the hustle and bustle of combat, physical and spiritual, the poetic muse loses any semblance of a place in the conversation.

Was a timer heralds, those overseers of all things combative, were required to espouse in verse.  A requirement ensuring their number included the most well educated of souls, best suited to be the arbitrators over the most violent of exchanges. Present day bickering has done away with such niceties, statements are now shouted, spat, issued with invective, aurally most distressing.

“Methinks, I do protest to much”. Apologies to William Shakespeare for the purposeful misquote of Hamlet. Act lll, scene ii.

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