7th May 2022

Behold the realization of three simple truths. Leopards are genetically incapable of changing their spots, even the most commendably exalted varieties; individuals tell untruths frequently, easily, believably, especially when being examined for eligibility for a permanent position they have always desired to fulfill, proving the maxim that the very best candidates are inevitably enforced; given an opportunity any human can be trusted, indeed expected, to take every opportunity to stab their most fervent opponents in the vitals for the slightest of perceived wrongs, revenge is the most delicious of motivations.

Two further truths whilst I am emboldened. The continuing, unmitigating gullibility of population, and the untrustworthiness of representatives expected to speak for them are matters of comprehensive record, chiseled for all to peruse into the pillars marking the entryway to any prospective democracy. An election for life should be reserved for those without authority. Just honorary icons, pretty but totally pointless luminescence’s.

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