5th May 2022

I am sort of a stickler when it comes to facts, I am quite happy to argue views, observations, possibilities, but facts remain a stretch too far, the word describing the entity quite perfectly, indefatigable. Rumor has ever been a challenge for humanity, we do like to spread gossip, oblivious of any truth. The point of inuendo is vagary, to sketch rather than etch, suggest without exactitude or constraint.

The gossip sheets were eye candy for the commoner, an insight into lives quite beyond the average souls capacity or understanding, an insight into the heady realms of the wealthy, privileged, powerful. The unsold copies of newsprint was used to wrap fresh cooked fish and chips, the rag-paper soaking up excess grease quite nicely. Once unwrapped upon a table it was quite acceptable to eat the piping hot faire with fingertips, perusing the now visible headlines with delight and fascination before binning the whole without a second thought.

How much better the world if we treated internet accounts with equal disposability.

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