30th April 2022

Invective individuals, particularly politicians, become incensed by comparisons, that their thoughts, and suggestions might exactly reflect negative values than were explored, endured, and rejected by the wisdom of history.

Historical fact is a most profound educational tool, reflecting events and activities that directly molded the development of the humanity and their home, the Earth.  The word fact is most important, for persons from the past and regrettably in the present venture to rearrange the truth to fit their particular persuasion. This is the negative known as propaganda, a rather pleasant term for consciously lying to twist factuality to suit ignorance, bigotness, and bias.

Beware the intellectual, they can transform the clearest of water to murky soup to further ideals. Compare censorship to governmental overreach and they will cry foul, claiming circumstance ever allows for ambiguity. Book burning does not reflect the extremes of the Nazi party, rather a most convenient paper disposal method.

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