28th April 2022

Balance is a wonderous thing, aiding our existence in a myriad of ways each and every moment. The very ability to remain upright when standing on our hind legs is quite remarkable, as is similarly the able to carry a water filled goblet without spilling the contents at every step. The most base form of architecture must incorporate the art to ensure erections remain satisfactorily upright, allowing us to shelter within the interior for protection and comfort.

All these examples fully illustrate the physical properties of balance, but the psychological, the emotional are subtler and require a deeper consideration to fully understand the vital nature such a simple equipoising tool plays in humanities continued survival and prosperity. Every challenge, and life if nothing else is continually testing, requires evaluation, choice, appraisal, the full impartiality, levelness of well-balanced contemplation.

That the physical and emotional skills should have appeared and prospered in such obvious collusion is probably quite telling.

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