27th April 2022

There is something very exhilarating about the arrival of parcels from carriers, even though the majority of the goods there enclosed I ordered myself. I am also an enthusiastic tracker of orders, following their journeys across country with as keen an interest as the onlooker at a horse race course. My only disappointment is that weekends are so regularly positioned to interrupt my receipts, I gave up worrying about such outdated notions as fixed days off long ago, ‘tis about time the commercial world caught up with my modernity.

Virtually any product can be ordered on line, the internet is indeed a wonderous beast, the only requirement from me is gold to exchange for goods and a modicum of patience to wait a few days for transportation. A dear friend of mine even orders her meat, fish, and vegetables from a delivery agency. I have refrained from such a move currently, liking to peruse cunsumables in real time at the most well stocked local market.

Sociability is the one item still unavailable, perhaps deliver a pal will soon appear too.

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