26th April 2022

‘Twas a time in the ancient world when withdrawing to the sanctity of a cave deep in the mountains was considered a quite reasonable answer to the effects of melancholia. Human contact serves little purpose if a lack of necessity for such interaction exists, for any real interplay must have some degree of positivity or simply expands the cloak of gloom.

Despondency arises from hopelessness, an inability to affect, move, interest self or peers. The world is populated by self-absorbed, independent, unfettered souls, whom have willingly or by duress shrugged off the desire for the shade of companionship, any relief from the glare of singularity within the shield of likened souls.

The hermit, recluse, might choose solitude for a variety of reasons, ineffability, weariness of nature, avoidance of intimacy, asceticism.   All symptoms of a fear of humanity, a desire for emotional self-preservation. Be aware of windows and doors, if their chamber permits light, even occasionally, then the closeting is protectionist rather than jettisoning.

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