24th April 2022

Of all emotions fear is the most insidious, wholly capable of destroying happiness, content and hope with the stealth and cunning of a ninja in a most disconcerting manga graphic novel. Small innocuous elements mount clandestinely, till joined together they result in a fissure in the fabric of peaceability. Singularly insignificant, they can be as non-threatening as a simple slight, a careless glance, a most unpropitious word. Cause and effect are not the slightest proportional, a wounding will bleed most voluminously from a minimal abrasion.

The human is neither stone nor glass, they do not chip, shatter, or fragment openly, rather the injury is held most discreetly, secretly, disguised most carefully till grievously incapacitating. Pride is a most invasive and enfeebling arrogance, hubris the divine retribution of the gods.

Apprehensiveness stays the hand, disquiet torments conviction, foreboding instills trepidation. Bravado is the alternate to vanquishment, a last response before utter subjugation.

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