22nd April 2022

Like any other well-grounded citizen, I take an interest in the goings on of my small ocean surrounded home, as are advertised in local media, journalistic and social, with a view to keeping abreast of happenstances and events. I refrain from strong opinion, rather being inclining to take a more measured view to developments major and minor, reserving judgement till outcomes are clear and any immediate raised dust has settled. For as we all know in such a rarified environment as Orcas Island the slightest change can shake the very foundations of all that is held sacred. Heavon forbids that a local story should broach the pages or airtime of a regional or national publication or network, the ripples along A Street would quite be alarming.

Most pointedly, for all my intense momentary interest and my predictably human response of being a terrible gossip and decidedly biased narrator, I truly care not one single jot. Being moved to comment, occasionally to show charity, are the depths of my distraction, and for that I apologize most profusely to you and to my blessed domicile.

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