21st April 2022

The sin of tardiness has never been a bane of mine, rather I am inclined to just ignore times, dates, events, that I have no particular desire to participate in. This do make my interactions with others somewhat haphazard, as I am obliged to question other persons real motives for any dilatoriness, however reasonable the supposed interjection might appear.

Mine own layer of chaos is I happily admit entirely self-administered, my reasons for participation or detachment have no design or logic, I make any decision on a purely momentary inclination, a most unsound basis from someone who admits to being somewhat the control freak, a player, manipulator, intriguer, puppeteer.

My interest in directing traffic is never malicious, rather it stems from a well-founded belief that I have as good a perspective of proper order as any other soul. Not god given perse, but most certainly naturally directed. Such is a most human trait, as common a sin as unpunctuality.

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