20th April 2022

I am as capable of judging people as the next person, but never for their intellect alone. Quite probably for their inane views, likely for the underserved prejudices they help weave, definitely for any unnecessary aggression or self-entitlement, but never for their intelligence, for that is simply a matter of chance, a flip of the coin. As long as they run with all they have and use that weight profitable and positively then no verbal criticism will leave these lips.

People generally put too much stock in cleverness. True smart people are inevitably quick on the uptake, but also conniving, self-serving; through no particular fault of their own you understand, ‘tis just human nature to seek power, influence, continuance for yourself and any immediate tribe.

I refuse myself adjudication, but I do allow tinge of humor. Not openly, for that would be rude, inhumane, risking retribution. Rather internally, discreetly, in a manner allowing understanding and empathy to emerge as a smile, a nod of recognition, an acceptance of such an unfortunate circumstance.

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