16th April 2022

People are quite remarkably predictable, in thoughts, observations, considerations, opinions. Hang in a moment I hear you interpose but given one hundred individuals with diverse experience you might discover thirty different outlooks, and therefore their responses are unlimited. In that correct conclusion lies both the danger and the comfort of mathematics, for averaging sets will be sure to make blithering fools of us all.

 Consensus is the reasoning behind democracy, possibly the most evenhanded form of government known and commonly practiced, but the logic of a percentile carrying an argument only has validity if the winning number is sufficiently representative to carry a motion, generally fifty percent or more in the case of a yes no question.  Over one third will ensure a position in the final runoff, which must always be resolve to a direct choice between two alternatives.

Free will is always proved a recipe for utter anarchy, an impossible perspective for the precise accomplishment of majority rule.  

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