15th April 2022

I apologize for this annual diatribe about the origins of the many fragmented British protestant sects, to include followers of Blake, the Levellers, Ranters, and Quakers, and most entertainingly and confusingly the Puritans whom travelled from the Netherlands to the east coast of the Americas in 1629.

In my own particular and esoteric version of Anglicanism, individual sacrifice, especially the sacrifice of a representation of a deity, has a much greater import than resurrection. With the passage of Lent and the rapid approach of the Easter festival this differential from many a more popular belief pattern warrants consideration if not explanation.

Resurrection, the continuation of existence after death is some form, afterlife, has been a component of a multitude if not all religions since the concept of a creation, a superior hierarchy, an ultimate destiny that reached beyond morbidity, have been bandied. The more fundamental will point to resurrection being code for rebirth, which is perhaps a possibility, if less stress was placed by the same minions upon the necessity for baptism, which is in itself also an expression of rebirth.

I was christened whilst still swaddled, that being the habit to avoid the risk of a newish bairn passing without inclusion in the church and perse a place in the communal heaven we all are assured by the faithful’s understanding of scripture. Certainly that can only have fruition, by the New Testaments explicate narrative by the self-sacrifice of one man, by happenstance the supposed true son of Jehovah, upon a Roman Empiric execution cross. Prior to that singular act a place in the hereafter was only available to certain prophets and holy men. It is possible to argue logically that the population prior to the third decade anno domini were all cast to oblivion before their later miraculous regeneration.

By my estimation the first day of the Easter weekend is the most vital, that being Good Friday, the commemoration of the crucifixion. Link one in the ongoing chain that would eventually begat the Chrisian church. Jesus’s life most certainly was remarkable, his words, his teachings irreproachable, but His death was the fulcrum that changed perceptions for half of the population of the earth. Yes, He indeed arose on the third day, but as spirit, beyond flesh and bone, a being immortal.

Resurrecting after two days was no remarkable feat the Son of God, so He wisely displayed His wounds to indicate resurrection was the path for man to become spirit and thereby gain transcendence. Jesus’s death was actual, the resurrection was pure theatrics, a proof to humanity that His sacrifice was acceptable to the Father, supplying the gift of life eternal and irrevocable to all.

Meanwhile the bunnies are hide chocolate eggs throughout the woodland, a joyful marker of a day worthy of being enjoyed by all, religious, agnostic, or sweet toothed. Mankind has a way of wrapping important circumstances, earth shattering events, in partially obscuring fancy, thus allowing all, whatever their feelings to enjoy the most specific of occasions. Santa Claus serves the very same purpose at Christmas, Halloween the night leading to All Saints Day.

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