14th April 2022

The process of creating myths and legends continues endlessly. The older tales dissipate, disappear into the annuls of time, and new more current stories permeate their way into our imaginations and collective memories. Invariably with critically attached judgements or warnings, a new story taking current fictional themes and weaving them into lessons to instruct, guide, future generations of youngsters easily bewitched by their telling.

The dust covered stories of Greek gods and heroes, the saga of the Troyan wars, the trials of Hercules and Odysseus will be replaced so adequately by the vagaries of Celestial conflicts, the rise of universal empires, the daring dos and donts of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Icons as easily believable to today’s tech savvy generation as were the Grecian warriors of iron age adventures.

The moral measures of good and bad ever remain, only contextualization changes. Ethical values have a constant weight no matter circumstances, so change enhances their longevity and attractiveness.

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